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Coal Carrier Ocean Transportation Vessel

Bulk carrier services have been providing and developing new global business activities in transport of iron ore, coal (for the production of steel), grain and raw materials for paper (chips and pulp), as well as transporting overseas thermal coal for power plants. This is playing an important role in stablizing power supply in Japan as the demand for thermal coal by power plants in Japan has been on the increase year-after-year.

New Markets, Customers and Opportunities

Efforts are underway to satisfy market needs in off-Japan trades as well as in the Japan-centered trade. Along this business direction, "K" Line opened a Bulk & Gas Division in "K" Line (Europe) Ltd. that started business operations at the end of May 2002, in addition to "K" Line Pte Ltd in Singapore whose operations began in 2001 as a subsidiary of "K" Line. We are focusing our endeavors on developing new customers and increasing new business opportunities in coordination with regional-rooted business practices as well as continuously improving service to our existing customers

Corona Series

The Corona-series of thermal coal carriers was developed by "K" Line on its own, and are being highly estimated by cargo owners. The high-profile feature of a wider hull requiring a shallower draft is designed in consideration of berth conditions at power plants. The Corona-series has been gradually developing into a standard for thermal coal shipping business in Japan.

On May 24, 2016, with the naming and delivery ceremony held at the Marugame Headquarters of the Nishi Tadotsu Factory of Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., “CORONA VICTORY,” an 88,000 DWT-type coal carrier, joined "K" Line’s mainstay CORONA series fleet. “CORONA VICTORY” is a state-of-the-art ship that has improved fuel consumption by improving the hull form and adopting low-friction coating and a computerized main engine, while responding to new regulations including the Common Structural Rules (CSR) and the NOx second regulation. As a result of the delivery of the ship, the CORONA series fleet has become a fleet of 19 ships.

Prevention of Oil Spill Accidents is a Top-Priority Assignment
Tanker Ocean Transportation Vessel

Tanker business requires safety as well as economy. Keeping environmental conservation in mind, "K" Line has been striving for replacement of single-hulled tankers with double-hulled tankers. Prevention of oil spill accidents at sea is a top-priority assignment of "K" Line, and 10 out of 11 tankers we are now operating are in fact double-hulled.

Offering Safe and Efficient Energy Transportation

"K" Line educates its crew members through opportunities for class room study, simulated drills and onboard training that will give them valuable experience and enhance their ability to prevent accidents as well as cope with accidents so as to control and minimize damage.In this manner, "K" Line offers safety and efficient energy transportation by integration of ship, crew and system.