Cargo Claim Procedures for Damage and Shortage

The Preliminary Notice and Claims Documents are accepted by "K" Line America, Inc. (KAM), as Agents on behalf of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., "K" Line.
  1. Upon determining that cargo loss or damage has occurred, the cargo interest must immediately notify their insurance carrier and "K" Line America (KAM).
  2. A Notice of loss or damage and the general nature of such loss or damage must be given in writing to the Ocean Carrier, "K" Line, at the port of discharge or place of delivery before or at the time of delivery of Goods or, if the loss or damage is not apparent, within 3 days after delivery. The notice can be sent via email using the Online Claims Form. Or the notice can be sent by Fax to 1-804-477-1026, Attention Claims Department. The notice should include the vessel and voyage, bill of lading number, container number, detailed description of the loss or damage, and the estimated amount of loss or damage, If available.
  3. For concealed damages, unloading the container should cease immediately upon discovery of cargo loss or damage to determine if a survey is required by KAM, the cargo interest and their insurance carrier. KAM reserves the right to survey the cargo and container. The survey ordered by KAM is strictly for KAM's internal use only. The survey will not be shared. The Claims Department will answer any questions regarding this policy.
  4. Final Claims must be filed in English or translated into English. Claims can be presented to "K" Line by email using the Online Claims Form or sent to "K" Line America, Inc. at 4860 Cox Road, Suite 300, Glen Allen, VA 23060, Attention Claims Department.    Final Claims must be received by KAM no later than nine (9) months from date of cargo receipt or when cargo should have been delivered.
    • If the Final Claim has not been acknowledged within fifteen (15) business days, contact the KAM Claims Department at 800-684-7221, Option 1. Please upload the claim documents along with colored photos using the Online Claims Form. (If the information is not validated, the documents and photos will not upload). Documents are not required to be uploaded separately but the entire submission cannot exceed 5MB. If submission exceeds 5 MB, either compress attachments, or submit via additional uploads.
  5. The following documents must be submitted to KAM before a claim will receive consideration:
    1. Formal statement of the claim, the amount of loss or damage, and how the amount was determined or calculated.
    2. Copy of the "K" Line Bill of Lading.
    3. Commercial Invoice & Packing List from origin.
    4. Claimant's survey Report with photos (if applicable).
    5. Trucker's Delivery Receipt noting seal number and exceptions, if any.
    6. Receiving report or tally notating exceptions and type of loss/damage. The tally should indicate the container, seal number and loss or damage cargo by package number, style and size, in cases of mixed shipments.
    7. Photos should be taken of damaged cargo and the container, if no survey is arranged due to the estimated value of the loss. KAM may not request a survey for damages estimated under $2,000.00.
    8. Certificate of destruction or receipt from dumping site or the refuse company identifying items destroyed is required for unsalvageable cargo. Any salvage proceeds realized should be deducted from the gross claim amount.
    9. Packing Certificate or evidence of container stuffing for shortage claims.
    10. Refrigerated Temperature records.
  6. It is the responsibility of the cargo interest to take all necessary steps to mitigate the loss, which must include segregation of sound cargo from damaged cargo and or salvage the cargo, if feasible.

To find "K" Line Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions select here.

Acknowledgement of preliminary and formal claims is not an admission of liability and is made without prejudice to any defenses available to the carrier under the contract of carriage and applicable law, none of which is waived.