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Donation of Workplace to Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) in South Africa

October 27, 2016

"K" LINE SHIPPING (SOUTH AFRICA) PTY LTD (KLSSA), an affiliated company of “K” Line in South Africa, has donated a reformed container to an NGO “BeadkidZ” in Western Cape, South Africa. The BeadkidZ provides workplace for beadwork and support for earning an income through selling beadwork products made by unemployed youth. Beadwork is a traditional handcraft decorating with beads in South Africa.

Staff of KLSSA in Cape Town have voluntarily painted the container and arranged for the installation of the door, windows and air conditioner so the container can be used as a bead workplace. In addition, this donation was in association with our service providers, APM TERMINALS SOUTHERN AFRICA of which SATL FREIGHT (PTY) LTD provided the transport.

"K" Line and KLSSA continuously support the activities of a mobile library project which aims at raising the level of primary education in South Africa, and have been cooperating in providing free ocean transportation of children's English books to the country since 2011.

We will continue to initiate social contributions around the world through our global network.