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"K" Line Honors Recipients of "K" Line Group Environmental Awards 2016

June 10, 2016

On 8 June, "K" Line gave honorable recognition with "K" Line Group Environmental Awards 2016.

These Awards were established to give recognition to and present prizes in the name of the President for outstanding environmental and biodiversity conservation activities carried out by all offices and employees of "K" Line Group under ""K" Line Environmental Vision 2050" developed in March 2015 as our long-term environmental management policy. This year's Awards 2016, second time this ceremony has been held, selected one Special Excellence Award and seven Special Awards from among applications, whose number significantly exceeded those for Awards 2015, after considerable review taking into account such factors as "creativeness", "difficulty", "contribution level", "continuity" and "repercussions."

Through these Environmental Awards, "K" Line Group is engaged in promoting widespread awareness of various environmental conservation activities within the Group and encouraging others to likewise adopt those activities as actions of the entire Group. We will also continue to focus on how to best contribute to environmental and biodiversity conservation in an active manner in order to fulfill our mission to hand down a sustainable society as well as this blue and beautiful ocean to the next generation.

Recipients of this year’s Awards 2016 are as shown below.

Special Excellence Award

CO2 reduction through digital storage of documents
"K" Line Logistics, Ltd.)

Development of their documentation management system with digital storage achieved reduction in document storage space and papers plus number of documents transported to storage. They conducted follow-up actions such as data sharing and analysis regarding their effects on a CO2-equivalent basis and briefings held in their offices more than fifty times in order for the system to be firmly established. The system is expected to contribute to further CO2 emissions reduction, more operational efficiency and better security and it was also recognized.

Special Awards (random order)
Pictures at the Award Ceremony
Awards Ceremony Presenting Award Presenting Award