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"K" Line Ammonia Carrier Cooperates with Rescue of Injured Crewman from Rowboat in the Indian Ocean
Boat Rescue
NORDIC RIVER rescues injured crewman


15, 2014

"NORDIC RIVER", Ammonia Carrier operated by "K" Line rescued an injured crewman from a rowboat "AVALON" in the Indian Ocean at request to rescue made by RCC Australia(*). In compliance with the request, the vessel immediately headed for the rowboat's position and successfully rescued him at 11:15 (local time) on Jul

11. Once the crew was onboard, the vessel crew treated his burns and his condition was reported as stable. He is going to safely disembark at Dampier in Australia on Jul

Ammonia Vessel
About "Nordic River"
Master Captain Balvinder Singh Sabharwal
Flag Panama
Crew 28 (Indians ,Filipinos)
Gross Tonnage 25,937 tons
Type of Vessel Ammonia Carrier