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SOLAS VGM Update - Export Shipments Loading at US Port Terminals

June 24, 2016

"K" Line is taking steps to use weights it receives in today’s processes as shipper VGM submissions. We expect that this should cover almost 100% of "K" Line’s exports loading at US port terminals so that units will be able to load the vessel without shippers having to make a separate weight submission.

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The existing VGM sources we will use as shipper VGM submissions are as follows:

  1. In-Gate Scales – We will use weights produced by scaling the unit at the US port terminal as VGM submissions by the shipper.
  2. ISCTA Weights – These are the Gross Cargo Weights required today under the Intermodal Safe Container Transportation Act (ISCTA) which are passed from the shipper’s loading facility to the trucker and then to "K" Line (for inland rail units only) for safe rail transport and terminal handling. "K" Line will add container tare weight and submit VGM to the loading ports. This will cover the on-dock rail exports which are not scaled as they in-gate the port terminal.

We will use the weights shown above only when the shipper has not separately provided a VGM to "K" Line through one of our electronic VGM submission methods by the established cutoffs. The accepted forms of VGM submission by shippers are:

The mechanics for being able to use these weights in a way which complies with the SOLAS regulation are still being finalized, but will include tariff language where the shipper authorizes "K" Line to use these weights as VGM submissions on its behalf. We expect to implement this process by Jul

1st for Exports loading via a US port terminal.

Please understand that this is only applicable to units loading from US port terminals. "K" Line cannot do the same for cargo loading via Canadian port terminals due to regulatory requirements in Canada. US origin cargo loading via a Canadian port terminal is subject to Canadian regulatory requirements.

"K" Line does not anticipate charging a fee for the use of the VGM sources in 1 & 2 above; however, any fees charged by ocean terminals will be evaluated and passed on to the cargo owner as necessary.

Select here for the printed flyer containing this information in Adobe Acrobat.